Good Base, Better Establishment Dynamix is a Software Solution provider that started in 2006 in Egypt, aiming at the development of complete software solutions globally and locally. Serving nation is a must, we chose to serve individuals beside. Our services cover a wide spectrum of entities including but not restricted to business entities, non-for-profit organizations, health care providers and others; B2B and B2C. Konnichiwa!.. Talking Japanese in Latin letters Although the local market is on top of our target markets, we did not restrict ourselves to the local market. We do have a number of clients overseas and we do welcome customers looking for outsourcing.


We hate statics We believe in Dynamism. We carry out our research to find out about problems facing each category of potential customers. We locate the weaknesses and the places where problems may arise and develop our own solution; instead of typically waiting for the customers to face those critical problems first before starting to develop the solution. We deliver handmade solutions! Whether you have your own ideas and want help bringing them to life, or interested in ready-made product solutions; Dynamix is all what you need.


Life is great, Dynamix is greater Dynamix products are customizable. If you are interested in one or more of the following products, but need some features changed, added or removed, just contact us and we will make sure you get what you have in mind. Our Product Is Your Project. Dynamix Products
  • Design Dynamix: An advertising agency management system.
  • Gridlock Game Engine: A game engine for the generation of the Gridlock games.
  • Money Dynamix: An end-user product to manage fiscal transactions.
  • Time Dynamix: A time tracking system to manage employees attendance.
  • Auto Dynamix: An end-user product to manage car renting offices.


Customer is always right! Samples of our valuable customers:

Dynamix Dynamics!

For every action, there is a reaction It's your business, your ideas, your project.
We do recommend that you take part in the development of your project, giving us your feedback so the result is at least what you expect if not better.
Here are the steps:
  1. Contact us!
  2. Explain your problem
  3. Meet with us
  4. Receive our price offer
  5. Accept the offer
  6. Start working in case of acceptance.
  7. Some meetings for feedback and to be always involved in your project.
  8. Delivery of your project.
  9. Maintenance according to the agreement.
  10. Looking forward to doing business with you again


Hello, World! Headquarters: Top House Towers, Block 1, Apartment 205, El-Nasr Street, In front of Green Plaza, Alexandria, Egypt

Tel: +203 42 870 39
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